Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is anything as despicable as hiding behind the skirts of a federal judge and using “intellectual property rights” to curb free expression?

One look at the face of the Benevolent and Honourable Site Master of the Unofficial Site That has Nothing to Do with [Redacted] said it all. He looked like a beaten man and sounded even worse.
So, the banner's changed a bit here at the...uh.. well, you know where you are. This post was supposed to be about a foot article I found - I do NOT have a foot fetish. I just found this funny story, but... And then we were going to relay our beliefs that "the guy who this site was named for" had ties to all sorts of horrible moments in history -- AS A JOKE, MR. NO FUNNY! I guess the judge wouldn't find that amusing.
The soul of his website had been ripped away, its very name effaced by the legal minions of a certain Official Site of [Redacted] whose owner shall remain nameless. Under a barrage of restraining orders, Sitemaster seemed about to give up his battle and pack it in altogether. Fortunately, it seems that our bit of moral support helped him buck up and regain his fighting spirit. We’re confident that he will see this struggle through. Restraining orders are as nothing in the face of such grit and determination. Fight on, Sitemaster!

As for the owner of the eponymous Official Site, all we can say is, “Have you no shame, sir? No shred of decency?” Predatory legal maneuvers like yours are exactly what will reduce this once great nation to a state of intellectual gridlock. If these maneuvers in the name of intellectual property rights are allowed to stand, soon a person will no sooner have a thought than another person (with power and money) will get an injunction. But for now, it’s still a free country and we intend to keep it that way. Our readers will be keeping a sharp eye on your machinations and hovering protectively around the Unofficial Site That has Nothing to Do with [Redacted], via the links at right.

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Echo said...

Thanks for the support in ending [Redacted] tyranny, Madison Guy. We at "The Unofficial" (as all the Kool Kid refer to it) appreciate your support as we battle [Redacted] and his patronizing attacks on our good name. We believe we cover [Redacted] better than [Redacted] could ever cover himself.

Yours in battle against a tyrannical Miller,