Tuesday, April 11, 2006

McDonald's serves up cyberburgers via the internet

To an untrained observer, fast-food employees may look busy, but they can be made to do more, and with the help of the internet, you can be sure they will.
The call-center system allows employees to be monitored and tracked much more closely than would be possible if they were in restaurants. Mr. King's computer screen gives him constant updates as to which workers are not meeting standards. "You've got to measure everything," he said. "When fractions of seconds count, the environment needs to be controlled."
Reading about McDonald's new experiment with call centers, you have to wonder: Is there any interaction with service industry workers that won't soon be reduced to speakerphone contact with anonymous call center voices thousands of miles away, all in the name of efficiency and "customer service"?
"Their job is to be fast on the mouse — that's their job," said Douglas King, chief executive of Bronco Communications, which operates the call center.
Remember when restaurants were about food, not mice? Thanks, but no thanks.

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