Sunday, April 16, 2006

Names for a networked world?

Are these people using their children as fashion accessories, or is something more fundamental going on? The NYT on child-naming trends among the rich and famous:
Not that a name like Apple Martin stands out among celebrity children anymore. The director Peter Farrelly plucked that very name for his daughter before Apple Martin came along. Even that name seems drab compared with Hollywood baby names like Pilot Inspektor, cooked up by Jason Lee, the star of "My Name Is Earl," or Banjo, the inspiration of the "Six Feet Under" star Rachel Griffiths, or Moxie CrimeFighter, a name chosen last year by the comedian and magician Penn Jillette for his daughter.
While names like this may seem to reflect the excesses of parental ego, perhaps these parents are just trying to prepare their children for life in a networked world. One thing about a name like Moxie CrimeFighter is that it will definitely stand out on Google.

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