Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Warming up?

As the globe keeps warming without the Bush administration doing a damn thing about it, Al Gore jokes don't seem so funny anymore -- and the president we really elected is starting to look more and more capable than the one who was handed the keys to the White House by the Supremes in 2000. He might look even better next month after his global warming documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," makes its nationwide debut. The New Yorker's editor, David Remnick, attended a screening recently.
It is past time to recognize that, over a long career, his policy judgment and his moral judgment alike have been admirable and acute. Gore has been right about global warming since holding the first congressional hearing on the topic, twenty-six years ago. He was right about the role of the Internet, right about the need to reform welfare and cut the federal deficit, right about confronting Slobodan Milosevic in Bosnia and Kosovo. Since September 11th, he has been right about constitutional abuse, right about warrantless domestic spying, and right about the calamity of sanctioned torture. And in the case of Iraq, both before the invasion and after, he was right—courageously right—to distrust as fatally flawed the political and moral good faith, operational competence, and strategic wisdom of the Bush Administration.
You don't actually run into the adjective “noble” in The New Yorker all that often. Remnick uses it this week to describe the way Al Gore has conducted himself since his last -- but perhaps not final -- run for the presidency.

Gore's nascent campaign, if that's what it is, may be warming up with the climate. Global warming could be the wild card of the 2008 election. And nobody is better positioned to play that card than Al Gore.

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