Thursday, May 25, 2006

Elmhurst leads the nation in using Google to search for sex, but in Madison we'd rather find a good brat

The Chicago Sun-Times was blunt: "Elmhurst leads nation in Google search for sex." Grant Miller paints a rosier, more romantic vision than may strictly be warranted by the data, but hey, it's his hometown: "Elmhurst Is For Lovers." (Warning: Beneath the cutesy tourist bureau headline, his post and comments strip away the veneer of respectability. They're not for the faint of heart.)

But what about Madison? Ever since I got hold of the new toy, Google Trends, I've been trying to find out what my fellow citizens are searching for in greater proportion than the residents of any other city. I was having a hard time finding anything. Madison seemed to have disappeared into an information age haze of comparatively unfocused searching. But if we can't compete with Elmhurst directly in their favorite search behavior, isn't there something we can call our own, something we look for more than anyone else?

Finally I found a category in which we lead by a large margin, as the chart indicates -- "brats." For non-natives, we're not talking little hellions, but genuine bratwurst sausage. Brats as in "rhymes with hots." Brats as in "tailgating." Of course, the intensity of our searching may have something to do with the Memorial Day weekend's World's Largest Brat Fest.

See you there. And remember, they now have those cool veggie Boca Brats, as well.

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Grant Miller said...

Only one brat for the entire town over Memorial Day weekend? You will go hungry.