Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mad about reading? Go join the conversation at MADreads

Looking for a good read? Want to share a book you enjoyed with others in the community? Wander over to MADreads, the new group blog at the Madison Public Library's website. One of the best free resources in town just got that much better -- every day there's a new book post by a librarian at one of the branches. These are no stuffy reading lists, but rather real, live, idiosyncratic and personal blog posts -- real books for real people. It's a well-organized site, with posts scrolling down chronologically but also categorized by subject matter on the side. There's also a handy LINKcat link, so you can reserve a book that catches your eye in an instant

Read a good epistolary novel lately? That's the subject of today's post, complete with a Wikipedia link about this unique form written in the form of documents such as letters, diaries, clippings, or whatever the novelist devises. Sarah from the Alicia Ashman branch weighs in with a couple new ones, and readers add some additional recommendations in the Comments. Join the conversation. Add your comments -- they're trying to start a conversation.

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hey, yeah. that's where i found you linked to here. later, guy.