Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our challenge has been accepted, and a new language blog takes on the cause of the well-placed apostrophe

Founded, like it's parent, The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, on the principle that there's no better example than a good bad example, The Blog of Badly-Placed Apostrophe's launched yesterday, taking up the challenge we posed in our recent Lands' End post. We hope that legions of punctuation mavens everywhere will respond to their appeal.
Like public television, though, we rely on viewer's* like you. Send in your examples of misplaced apostrophes**; pictures are preferred to text, but in a pinch, text will do.

*Yeah, that was intentional.

** You're/your mix-ups are definitely fair game; so too are they're/there and it's/its. Too, to, and two, though, are right out, because none of those words have apostrophes.
After all, its all about keeping the apostrophe in it's proper place, isnt it?


Grant Miller said...

I think this new blog is unfair. Unlike "TBOUQ," badly-placed apostrophe's points out typo's, essentially. I have an English degree, have written professionally for years and know all the rules, but still fuck up apostrophe's, primarily on the word "It's." My hands take over and my brain shuts off with apostrophe's. I must have 100+ such mistakes still on my site. I'm protesting "Badly-Placed Apostrophe's" until further notice.

Madison Guy said...

That Lands' End dangling apostrophe is no typo -- it's a Design Concept.

But as a fellow pro (at my day job, which is rapidly turning into a night job, at least today), I sympathize. In fact, I tried out the old "my hands take over and my brain shuts off" line with the client. They were not amused. That's why I'm still sitting here cleaning up typos in Quark layouts that keep blowing up before I get around to saving the changes -- all while the Doppler shows the Global Warming Storm Front from Hell rapidly moving in on me. They'll probably find me in the morning, covered in apostrophes.