Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Maybe it's not my genes, but all the trans-fats in Famous Amos cookies that added those extra inches to my waistline

"So maybe it's not the Famous Amos cookies, but my genes instead?" I wrote a few weeks back. Turns out, maybe it's the other way around. Maybe it is the cookies themselves -- specifically, the trans-fats they contain.

According to Nature, some fats just make you fatter than other fats, and that would be the notorious trans-fatty acids, or trans-fats. The latest research seems to suggest they're even more evil than people thought.
Eating some fats could make you fatter than others, even if their calorie count is the same.

That's the finding from researchers who fed trans-fatty acids, commonly found in fast food, to monkeys. Those that ate a daily dose of the trans-fatty acids gained 30% more lard around their bellies than those who ate different fats containing exactly the same amount of calories.

'Trans-fats' are already considered to be a dietary villain because they boost levels of 'bad' cholesterol and promote heart disease. But when it comes to obesity, it is generally assumed that trans, saturated and unsaturated fats are equally problematic, because they are loaded with the same amount of energy.

This study says otherwise. It suggests that trans-fats could promote obesity more than other types of fat. People who eat them could be "walking down the road to disaster", says lead author Kylie Kavanagh at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
So Famous Amos cookies are probably not a good cigarette substitute, after all. Sigh. Just one more addiction to get rid of.


Echo said...
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Madison Guy said...

Or by a sockpuppet.

Anonymous said...

with that said it turns out that I am feeding my husband into obesity and death.

Grant Miller said...

This post just ruined my day. My week. Forever. I love Famous Amos. I even like to believe he's from Chicago, even though I don't think he is. Yeah, just googled him Appears he never lived in Illinois. Everything is ruined.