Sunday, June 25, 2006

The view from my bike

Anti-Bush, pro-impeachment graffiti on Wingra Bike Path: 2. Pro-Bush, anti-impeachment graffiti on Wingra Bike Path: 0. In case you were wondering.

A few more letters, and they'll have a restaurant... Work was going on Sunday on the outdoor terrace of the new Paisan's. The neon sign, when it's completed, will be visible from John Nolen Drive -- a sign that the old campus favorite will have reopened in the 131 West Wilson location where the old Library Club used to be, near the square. We spent much of the spring saying goodbye to the old Paisan's, again and again. We'll probably spend much of the rest of the summer saying hello, again and again, looking out over the lake.

Eerily deserted BB Clarke Beach Sunday afternoon. World Cup soccer? Competition from Goodman Pool across the lake? Doppler radar showing thunderstorms? Alien abductions?

Bicycles seem to be invisible to so many motorists. Perhaps these skeletal frames will get some attention. "A crash is not an accident...a crash can be prevented," the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin reminds us. Their Ghost Bike campaign aims to do something about the proliferating non-accidents. The link leads to a wealth of safety information for motorists as well as bicyclists, including links to the Wisconsin State Bicycle Laws.

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