Saturday, June 10, 2006

We're good enough, we're tall enough,
and doggone it, we're going swimming

At the Goodman Pool. For years, Madison had been unable to find the money for a pool. What jump-started the project was the generous gift of $2.8 million, from brothers Irwin and Bob Goodman, long-time Madison jewelers, Badger boosters and philanthropists. The pool is right on the Wingra bike path, so we pedaled over and bought our season passes today and took a tour of the pool, which opens Monday. Rob Zaleski comments in the Capital Times about the opening of the pool he long campaigned for and never thought he'd see.
The Goodmans, both in their 80s, didn't attend the press conference. But their close friend Bob Pricer later told me that, much as the Goodmans love this city, they'd long felt that "something was lacking here."

That something, Pricer said, was a swimming pool. The Goodmans believed a pool not only would "provide recreation and promote good health," he said, but would "serve a diverse low-income and mixed-income population that currently has few options."

Now here it is, just two years later, and the day most people thought they'd never see is upon us. And while the Goodmans deserve most of the credit, they did, in fact, have a large supporting cast. (See the Goodman Pool link here, which includes fees and schedule.)
Now, let's move on and build that second pool in Warner Park. Meanwhile, I can't wait to try the lap pool.

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