Friday, June 02, 2006

You gotta love the French

Chances are, if you were going to start selling photographs (i.e., "fine art silver prints signed by famous photographers") over the internet, you'd probably call yourself an online gallery, or if you really wanted to sound sophisticated, a "virtual gallery," and let it go at that.

But in the land of Descartes, they have to try harder and intellectualize a bit more. It helps to deconstruct the very concept of a gallery. Start by creating an entire movement that has clearly been weighing heavily on the history of art, "gallerism." Suggest that this false god has done immense damage. Offer a solution. At, the "gallery without gallerist," promise to remove the dread gallerism from art history. Finally, commission an arty poster and translate the text awkwardly into English.

They also have a cute link to a paper pinhole camera you can download for free and assemble. I'm not so sure about the thing they have going with that "lighthouse in a tree."

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Seen on

Catchword: gallerist
Part of Speech: n.
A fashionable new word is bubbling up in the New York art scene: gallerist, as a substitute for art dealer. Not, of course, just any art dealer. A gallerist is directly involved with the care and feeding of artists, rather than with the quick turnover of art objects.…Some suggest it derives from the French galeriste, long used by top gallery personages in France to distinguish themselves from the mere marchand de tableaux, or picture merchant. Others say it came from Germany, where galerist or galeristin denotes, respectively, a male or female gallery owner.
Article or Document Title:
“Old Business, New Name: Behold the Gallerist” (URL)
Grace Glueck
Article, Document, Publication, Web Site:
New York Times
Date Recorded Here:
Dec 24, 2005
Date of Publication:
Dec. 24, 2005