Thursday, July 20, 2006

Elmhurst leads the nation in using Google to search for sex, but in Madison we'd rather impeach the president and find a good brat

Google Trends Update: Thanks to Doug Moe writing in Madison's Capital Times for this tip allowing me to add an impeachment update to my post back last May about Madison and what Google Trends says about what's on our minds. It's nice to know that not all vestiges of radicalism have disappeared from our fair city. Portland seems to be trying, but we're still in first place. (Interesting geographic footnote: Madison is the only city among the top ten in Google impeachment searches that's east of the Mississippi.)


Bulldog said...

Howdy from your neighbor to the east! I'm here in Milwaukee and found you via Shakespeare's Sister. Nothing like a good brat while wishing for impeachment of the Asshat in Chief!

By the way, I blogrolled ya!

Echo said...

Grant Miller is originally from Elmhurst. Is it possible that this is an historical study??