Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Guaranteed to break your heart -- unless, maybe, you are a neocon, but probably even then

Just a bunch of dots, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

That was the "trees." This is the "forest."

It’s an interactive map posted by Cox Newspapers. (NOTE: Click on image of the national map to enlarge it. Click HERE for the interactive version of the map.)

Spending any amount of time with it -- zooming in on your own local area to find out who died in your community, zooming out to the state or national level for the bigger picture -- is to be haunted by a terrible sense of waste, of all these patriotic American lives expended so carelessly by a government that should have known better, because, after all, it’s not as if they weren’t warned. (Thanks to konagod for the link.)

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Katie Anne said...

I wanted to thank you for posting this. I live in the DC area and it's surprises me how little the Washington Post is doing to cover the Iraq war, or give a clear picture of how it effects Americans. Bloggers like you kick its ass.