Monday, July 31, 2006

Iran: Why not just go on and break all the pottery?

According to James Bamford writing in Rolling Stone, a small group of neocons in the Pentagon and their allies are determined to get us into a war with Iran -- and have been for some time. Although Bamford’s credibility has been heavily attacked in right wing media, he’s the author of the classic “The Puzzle Palace” and one of America’s most respected reporters on intelligence matters. His concluding paragraphs are chilling:
Over the past six months, the administration has adopted almost all of the hard-line stance advocated by the war cabal in the Pentagon. In May, Bush's ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, appeared before AIPAC's annual conference and warned that Iran "must be made aware that if it continues down the path of international isolation, there will be tangible and painful consequences." To back up the tough talk, the State Department is spending $66 million to promote political change inside Iran—funding the same kind of dissident groups that helped drive the U.S. to war in Iraq. "We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declared.

In addition, the State Department recently beefed up its Iran Desk from two people to ten, hired more Farsi speakers and set up eight intelligence units in foreign countries to focus on Iran. The administration's National Security Strategy—the official policy document that sets out U.S. strategic priorities—now calls Iran the "single country" that most threatens U.S. interests.

The shift in official policy has thrilled former members of the cabal. To them, the war in Lebanon represents the final step in their plan to turn Iran into the next Iraq. [Michael] Ledeen, writing in the National Review on July 13th, could hardly restrain himself. "Faster, please," he urged the White House, arguing that the war should now be taken over by the U.S. military and expanded across the entire region. "The only way we are going to win this war is to bring down those regimes in Tehran and Damascus, and they are not going to fall as a result of fighting between their terrorist proxies in Gaza and Lebanon on the one hand, and Israel on the other. Only the United States can accomplish it," he concluded. "There is no other way."
In other words, the same gang that broke Iraq now wants to break all the pottery in the cabinet. Just in time for the election, no doubt.


Undeniable Liberal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. For all the reasons you stated above, the undeniable liberal wonders if breaking the pottery in Iraq wasn't the original intention all the time. Gerald Ford couldn't have fucked it up this bad.

Demon Princess said...

The transparently bogus reasons we were given for invading Iraq sure weren't reasons at all; so who's next? Why NOT the entire Mid East?

I have to say, it's not like it's a really terrible idea to get things settled there for once & for all; HOWEVER, this is NOT the way to go about it. Bushco has proved nothing so much as its really incredible capacity for incompetence at every turn.