Monday, July 31, 2006

Lebanon: Robert Fisk's cry of outrage

Really, I would like to be blogging about something cheerful, funny and/or intellectually stimulating -- anything but the awful nightmare taking place right now. Instead, I keep reading things like this.
I dropped by the hospital in Marjayoun this week to find a young girl lying in a hospital bed, swathed in bandages, her beauty scarred for ever by some familiar wounds; the telltale dark-red holes in her skin made by cluster bombs, the weapon we used in Iraq to such lethal effect and which the Israelis are now using to punish the civilians of southern Lebanon.

And, of course, it occurred to me at once that if George Bush and Condoleezza Rice and our own sad and diminished Prime Minister had demanded a ceasefire when the Lebanese first pleaded for it, this young woman would not have to spend the rest of her life pitted with these vile scars.
And now it's cluster bombs.. Robert Fisk ‘s article titled “Bush and Blair: ‘Keep It Up!’" continues on in this vein, unbearably so. Read it and weep.

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