Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rough Beast slouching update

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
-- William Butler Yeats

The Rough Beast is stepping up his pace. Like Robert Duvall in “Apocalypse Now,” he loves the smell of burnt flesh, the screams of lives being snuffed out in modern high-tech war. There’s plenty of that to go around in his old haunts.

Israel, apparently with the full support of the U.S. government, is sending its jets screaming into Lebanon and Gaza, fighting a two-front war against civilians, allegedly to get three kidnapped soldiers back -- but more likely, in pursuit of the fantasy of reshaping the geopolitical structure of the entire Middle East, the same crazy vision that spurred the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Now they’ve got Syria and Iran in the crosshairs of their bombsights.

Small, weak, frightened men, posturing and acting out violently to hide the utter bankruptcy of their policies -- this is how world wars start. Disasters usually come in threes -- and nobody ever guaranteed there would only be two world wars.

The Rough Beast is pleased. The world is headed toward a cataclysmic, possibly nuclear, conflict -- and in the one nation that could possibly stop this crazy nonsense, the president has turned into a cheerleader for an insane war, and the silence from the man in the street is deafening.

What’s with the silence? People just don’t care? They actually believe this is simply a routine Israeli rescue operation to liberate three kidnapped soldiers? They no longer have the math skills to calculate the impact of $10/gallon gas prices on their household budgets?

I prefer to think that we’re regrouping, thinking and organizing -- trying to find a way to keep the maniacs in Washington and Tel Aviv from digging themselves a hole so deep that the only way out will seem to require the use of nuclear weapons.


Anonymous said...

Good post. My thoughts on two points are this:

1) The man on the street: No, they don't seem to care to change anything. Years ago, I recall there being some criticim of the CITIZENS of other countries not placing the blame for their country's woes squarely where it belonged - on those who ran them, instead of some outside force. Now, in a roll reversal, we are those citizens. No matter how bad things get (gas prices you said) it will never be laid at the feet of our leadership.

2) You said "Washington" and "Tel Aviv" in one sentence. And I've been thinking ever since 911 that there is a lot of similar methodology and ideology between them. From the new torture techniques, to the occupation, the self-rightousness, the declared right to pre-emptive all seemed so similiar to Israeli conservatism, Sharon, the Mossad, and so on. Israel has been silently looking on during all of this, by I think they have been an active participant and Muse to George Bush.

Anonymous said...

Just part of the ongoing Likudization of the world that Naomi Klein described in her insightful essay 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

this man on the street,after carefull thought has reached the conclusion that the government of this country has moved away from its roots. there is a great need for a major political change here,that needs to happen in a way that the framers of our constitution would be in agreement.
there are no political parties alive here that are truly for the people,and by the people....Where are the true philanthropists of our time that can take the initiative to remove the corporate bindings on the media to get the comman folks off the couch and involved in the moral crisis that has taken control of this country?
We have the ability as the greatest experiment in government in all history to to produce an altruistic form of leadership that could be the true beginnings of a global union that is respectfull of all cultures and belief systems. Instead we have allowed a warped reality of selfishness(The me first, have to have it all to the extreme) outlook to prevail.
Where are the smart people??? Our political system is failing and we need to do something NOW!!