Friday, July 07, 2006

There will always be a Hollywood

You just can't make this stuff up.
A lot of it to me is just physics now. We're finally starting to recognize and admit that the senses are creating as much as they are perceiving. The eye is pretty much creating the image that it perceives, which is just so weird. For everyone that I know, and I expand that to pretty much all of us that have that intuitive hint that there is so much more going on than could ever meet the eye, it's unsettling as hell. I have a feeling that we're recognizing how unsettling the bigger picture can be. When, in fact, shouldn't it be comforting to know that it just ain't all that serious? Having that sense of play and feeling that you can actually kind of create your own reality to a certain extent.
Robert Downey Jr., interviewed by Keith Phipps in The A.V. Club. So, when I see him in Richard Linklater's animated Philip K. Dick adaptation, "A Scanner Darkly," my eye is pretty much creating his image, in fact, maybe I've imagined the whole thing, and you know, like maybe the whole world, my own reality, really, which is just so weird...

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