Thursday, July 20, 2006

Totally nicotine-free at last, I try to prove to myself I don’t have to be so damn wordy in order to communicate

I’ve been smoke-free for eight months and then some. Nicotine is a different matter. I kept using the patch and cutting it up into smaller and smaller pieces, finally using only one-sixth of a 21mg patch (for which you need really sticky patches -- I’ve found the generic ones at Target work best) the last month or so. And then I stopped using that.

I thought it would be easy. It was just that little, teeny bit of a patch, a good deal less than 10 percent of the nicotine I used to regularly ingest -- the equivalent of less than four cigarettes a day, nothing for a real addict like me. That should be easy, right?

Wrong. We’re talking hardcore here, with my system so dependent on that last little nicotine lifeline that’s it’s actually been kinda rough. It’s made me grouchy, which is probably an understatement. And it’s made me wordy. But after a week now, it’s getting better. I guess I’ll live. And in an attempt to prove to myself that this logorrhea isn’t permanent, I thought I’d try some short posts.

So cool. And couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Ann leaves her window open.
And water and stuff comes in.

Dick Cheney as first amendment poster child? Nah.

Bush. Really. Does. It. Right up there with the Scopes trial.

Books on demand. One at a time.

A few of us say a lot, most of us say very little. Cell phones? No, blogs.

Out of control radicals? Kossacks? No, neocons.

Had enough?

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