Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ben takes on Pentagon with a stack of Oreos

Yes, it’s that Ben -- Ben Cohen, the co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s. In this animation he explains the defense budget with the help of a stack of Oreo cookies and shows how it compares with pressing social needs that could well use some of the money. He also contrasts it with the much smaller defense budgets of countries such as Russia and China.

It’s been out there for a while, but I just saw it for the first time. The link was sent to me by my friend Rick, who writes:
The oreo animation was clever and poignant. I wonder if we're a paranoid culture that thinks the world is out to get us, or are we just plain bullies? Imagine if that money was used for good instead of evil. Hmmm.
I wonder, too.

You’ll find the animation at TrueMajority, which was founded by Ben Cohen.
We started TrueMajority in order to compound the power of all those who believe in social justice, giving children a decent start in life, protecting the environment, and America working in cooperation with the world community.

If you want to be a part of this movement, just fill out the form in the upper right and we'll sign you up. The amazing part is that it only takes a few minutes a month and it's free. Here's how TrueMajority works:

We monitor what's going on in Washington based on the principles of peace, justice, and sustainability.

When your voice is needed, we send you a short e-mail alert that explains the situation, so you can speak up with just a few mouse clicks.

TrueMajority has already brought together over 500,000 of us, making us a powerful force in the capital.
Find out more about who they are here, and more about their principles here.

And before you leave, check out another neat short film, one involving BBs. It's Ben's demonstration on how crazy our nuclear stockpile has become -- and what the true cost of maintaining it really is.

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