Friday, August 25, 2006

A couple of great posts about Bush and his buddy Turd Blossom to ease you into the weekend smiling

If you don't regularly hang out at Daily Kos, here are a couple of posts well worth the trip.

Inland's "Why Bush Can't Talk: It's not the drugs, and it's not senility" will make you listen to Bush's every word, certainly not with more sympathy, but with more understanding (of what he is really saying). It's hilarious, and so true.

Eventually, even the most brilliant marketer will fall into a rut and go to the well once too often for tactics that used to work before the market changed. That may be the case with Turd Blossom, contends Wisconsin marketer Rippe in his "Karl Rove, Marketing, and a Grave Miscalculation." Find out why Rippe says "The Republican Party has jumped the metaphorical shark, and the man with the skis is named Karl."

With both posts, check out the numerous comments -- they're half the fun.

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