Sunday, August 27, 2006

Does identifying Armitage as the original Plame-Novak leaker mean that all the furor was misplaced? Not exactly.

After Michael Isikoff revealed in Newsweek (citing the book "Hubris" that he co-wrote with David Corn) that Secretary of State Colin Powell's No. 2 Richard Armitage was the person who first gave Valerie Plame's name to journalist Robert Novak, there was some buzz in the blogosphere (although sometimes the whole leak case investigation seems to have taken place in another time and another galaxy, even though Scooter Libby hasn't even gone on trial yet).

Over on the right side of the aisle, there was a good deal of gleeful commentary that the entire case was coming apart as a result of the new revelation. Ann Althouse was quick to pontificate on how the left had overplayed its hand.
Can you never back off and say that your side overdid it? It would improve your credibility you know.
Not sure what she means by that. Does she think that Patrick Fitzgerald was hired by the left blogosphere? Or that he somehow serves as their agent? In any event, she counsels her readers to keep a sharp eye on those leftie spoilsports.
It will be interesting to see how the bloggers who were hot for blood over Plamegate will respond to this news. You can watch for who links to the Newsweek story at Memeorandum, here.
I took her advice -- and immediately found a link to a terrific Firedoglake post by Christy Hardin Smith I had already read -- "Something's missing...". Basically she says it's not over till it's over, and that plenty of questions remain for Fitzgerald to untangle. Sounds about right. I guess Althouse won't be seeing many lefty mea culpas just yet.

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