Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Sunrise Blogging

Photographic serendipity: In the interest of full photographic disclosure, I should explain that this is not really a sunrise, although it feels like a sunrise to me. The sun was setting spectacularly into hazy clouds when I was driving home the other night. I pulled over and clicked off a few shots with my Dimage X. Then I realized my white balance was still set to Tungsten from some indoor shots the night before. That's what gives the photo the strong blueish early morning, pre-dawn feeling. "Oh, shit!" I said, reset the color balance, and clicked off a few more shots. The results were gray, gloomy and forgettable.

8/31/06 UPDATE: Look who else is passing off a sunset picture as a sunrise.


Dr Diablo said...

For what it's worth, I instantly recognized the scene as a sunset. I did, however, misidentify the landscape as suburban Helsinki.

This photo is so striking that it constitutes poster material. Nice snap. Perhaps you could offer a printable jumbo version to your regulars. More generally, your photographs really enhance your site.

Madison Guy said...

Thanks, Dr. Diablo.

In the interest of further full photograpic disclosure, I must confess I used the dreaded "optical zoom" on my camera (otherwise the sun would have been the size of a pinprick), and then cropped it further. So the file doesn't contain a lot of pixels and won't make a very big print. I knew it would be a microphoto when I shot it.

But if you click on the image, it will open up as the "original" 1024x507 pixel file if you want to try playing with it.