Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On vacation for a few days

We're leaving Thursday for a few days in Door County, the Wisconsin "thumb" that juts out between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, above Algoma and its red lighthouse. No computer, no PDA, nothing that connects to the net, nada. Back refreshed with new posts Sunday or Monday.

During Letter from Here's brief hiatus, you might want to check out a baker's dozen of reruns from the archives.
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Nadine said...

I hope your hiatus from the blogosphere is relaxing and enjoyable. Can your loyal readers expect you to post some great photographs of Door County when you return? Are you planning to attend the best Door County Fish Boil you can locate? While you're away, I'll probably be eating sweet corn at the Sun Prairie Corn Festival -- and stopping by the Sun Prairie City Hall to visit the Wisconsin Historical Marker honoring our fellow alumnus Georgia O'Keeffe. Maybe both of us can post dining reviews next week.

Dr Diablo said...

Anybody else smell a Door County Fish Boil here?

Iran has vowed to respond on August 22 to demands that it cease its nuclear enrichment program. Reputable scholars have warned that the significance of this date in the Islamic calender should be heeded. The Iranian fanatics might well choose this date to precipitate the very Apocalypse Madison Guy has repeatedly predicted.

Yet, instead of counting it down with us and presenting ongoing analysis as soon as it appears in the NEW YORK TIMES, Madison Guy escorts the little lady to Door County, WI to browse the quilts and fudge, and to sample the area's all-too-abundant tearooms. Why has the relentless Bush Beater and and apologist for Islamic fundamentalism abandoned us at this critical hour.

I think I may know why. If six Door County gift shops explode simultaneously just after dawn on the 22nd--when Madison Guy is safely back in Madison--we may not have far to look for a suspect. If the ferry to Washington Island goes down as it traverses the grimly and aptly named Death's Door, we will know who lit the fuse that blew up the world.

If you have a hankering for Door County maple fudge, blown glass, or overpriced silver earrings, I suggest that you order online.