Monday, August 07, 2006

Rest easy. Things could be a lot worse. The Rapture Index is holding steady at about 158, or thereabouts

All hell breaking loose in Lebanon. Continued chaos in Iraq. Now the Alaska pipeline going down and jacking up gas prices some more (thanks, BP). It's getting kind of spooky. Are these the End Times? Should I be bracing myself for the sudden heavenly ascent of thousands (millions?) of people, probably not including me? Fortunately, thanks to Alphabitch, I can rest easier. She guided me to the invaluable Rapture Index, about which she wrote three weeks ago:
We're at 157, apparently. It seems that a reading of 145 & over means that there is indeed some very heavy prophetic weather, though the site's author(s) are careful to note that the index is "designed to measure the type of activity that could act as a precursor to the rapture." So yeah, the peace process is back to zero, and whaddya know: global turmoil, liberalism, and Russia (!) are all on the rise.

The record high index reading, 182, occurred 9/24/01, while the all-time low (57) was 12/12/93. This year it's been running pretty steadily in the 150s. We're moving pretty briskly in the direction of the "pre-tribulation rapture."
Well, we may headed in the direction of "pre-tribulation rapture," but I personally take comfort from the fact that, as of today, the index stands at 158, up only one from Alphabitch's post three weeks ago, despite all the intervening chaos. It's well short of the high of 182 recorded in September 2001.

Here's the LINK. Consider it your apocalyptic early warning weather radar during these difficult days. Load it into your wireless PDA or browser-enabled cellphone. Don't leave home without it.


alphabitch said...

I like to keep an eye on these things. If I had a TV I'd probably watch the weather channel incessantly. You can't be too careful.

I can't believe it's only gone up one lousy point in the last three weeks!

Grant Miller said...

God bless!