Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bloggers as cheap stringers

Wherever you look you'll find mainstream media trying to develop favorable relationships with bloggers -- on the MSM's terms. The new buzzword for this process is "citizen journalists." Sounds great. But in reality, the MSM's version is likely to be less filling. At the Constant Observer, Tish Grier's post looks at the trend and raises some pointed questions.
What gets me in all these experiments is that no one is thinking that maybe, just maybe, The People should be watchdogging the MSM on every level--from the local paper to big media outlets. I wonder how much their desire to incorporate citizens is really a desire to stop the watchdogging and get some cheap labor in the process? There's been talk of outsourcing some journalism jobs to India, but when the media can get The People to do its job for nothing by catering to their sense of civic duty, why even outsource?
Let's see -- if outsourcing is the word for sending jobs to India, what would you call keeping the jobs here but "deprofessionalizing" them? Inside-out-sourcing?

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Yes! This discussion has been needed for a looong time.