Thursday, September 14, 2006

Elephant in the room update

"Remember the anthrax letters?" asks The Carpetbagger Report.
For reasons that I've never been able to explain, the incident — I suppose one should call it an "attack" — is hardly ever mentioned. No one knows where the anthrax came from, who sent it, or why. It was a horrifying incident, immediately on the heels of another horrifying incident, but five years later, it's almost as if the episode never happened.
The post goes on to talk about the widow of one of the victims who thinks the Feds know more than they're saying and is going to court in search of some answers. Check it out.

Wish her luck. This is the elephant in the room we should be talking about. I still think those letters -- along with the cross-contamination they caused in numerous post office -- had more to do with our getting into Iraq than 9/11 ever did. There was a lot of skepticism about Saddam's alleged nukes, but very little about his chemical and biological weapons capability. The country was scared, and it was easy to focus that fear on Iraq.

Strange how the media lost interest. Several people killed, postal service affected for months, the public scared to death -- and the culprit was never found (and thus is -- theoretically -- free to strike again). So why is the White House never asked how this part of the war on terror is coming along?

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farang said...

The anthrax was from Ft Detrick.

The White House took cipro, the counteragent, a week before 911 occured.

Any questions?