Monday, September 11, 2006

Hedgehog on hallucinogens

A quick impression of the Hedgehog giving his recruiting speech for the Forever War tonight, which he made it perfectly clear it would last, well, forever. There are no alternatives but victory and defeat, and he prefers victory.
Bush said the war on terror was nothing less than "a struggle for civilization" and must be fought to the end. He said defeat would surrender the Middle East to radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons.
Hmm -- "radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons"? Sounds like the friendly dictator of an ally who just signed a truce with the Taliban endorsed by Bush, doesn't it?
US president Bush on Thursday cautiously endorsed a truce between Gen Musharraf and pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan even as terrorist violence soared in Afghanistan and Al Qaida sent a sharp reminder of 9/11 with a video message ahead of the anniversary.
I'm confused. But then, I'm not a hedgehog. I'm more like a fox.

Quibbling aside, it's clear that the Hedgehog is still totally wrapped up in his One Big Idea. After all, it's a battle for civilization. On to Iran!

(Thanks to Isaiah Berlin via Billmon for the metaphor.)

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Mr. Forward said...

"I'm confused. But then, I'm not a hedgehog. I'm more like a fox."

Actually, more like an ostrich.