Friday, September 08, 2006

Missing Andre Agassi

Robert Caplin for The New York Times

I'm still mourning the absence of Andre Agassi at the final rounds of the U.S. Open, though he sure gave it his all before walking off the court for the last time. As I noted earlier, it just isn't the same.

But I just read something that cheered me up. At My Left Wing, Jay Lassiter has a post about Andre's retirement that also references his politics (with a link to a list of his campaign contributions).
It's worth noting that Andre Agassi is a staunch Democrat. Since 2000, he has contributed nearly $100,000 to left-leaning candidates running for election. When asked at a tournament in Spain who he would be supporting in the 2004 Presidential election, he offered this reply, "Well, me, I'm voting for Kerry for sure. And I wish everybody would."

Hopefully, he'll be running for office one day, maybe in his homestate of Nevada. In the meantime I think we can all agree that tennis' elder statesman deserves some time off with his family.
It always seemed to me that Andre might be a political natural. He has that need to connect with people and the kind of real empathy for others that you find in the best politicians. His work with kids and education in Las Vegas has been impressive.

Trouble was, while I hoped he was a Democrat, I wasn't sure. Zillionaire superstar athletes usually keep pretty quiet about their politics during their playing days -- and these days, it seems that when you scratch a celebrity athlete, you often uncover a Republican. I always thought Andrew was one of the good guys. It's great to know for sure.

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