Sunday, September 17, 2006

One foot in summer, one foot in autumn

One of those magical September mornings today when summer and fall were entangled and it was both at the same time, the kind of day when it hasn't made up its mind yet what season it really is. Green was still everywhere, but there were hints of brown and burnt autumnal colors. All too soon, it will decide, and somehow it always decides the same way.

But for the moment, a smell of freshly-mowed clover along the bike path reminded me of when I was a kid in the country, golden days when it seemed I could ride forever, and the sun would always shine.

On the "butterfly bush" there were monarch butterflies in the asters.

Beaches were sunny and deserted.

In Vilas park, right in the heart of the city, a sandhill crane stood in the shade of an oak tree and kept an eye on what was going on.

And on the South West Bicycle path, there was a geometric arrangement in black & white, a Paul Strand moment.

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jay lassiter said...

i love this time of year. your characterization of "one foot in summer, the other in autumn" is an evocative one and i'll probably cite you on that one in the future.

this is my favorite time of year, but it's definitely bittersweet here with winter winding up to give us its best.

especially in Madison, I'm guessing? by balls are shrinking just thinking about it!