Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Politicians reborn as bloggers

In the the UK, where government officials still resign over a matter of principle -- and sometimes do so with a dash of irony -- cabinet minister Tom Watson announced his resignation over Tony Blair's refusal to resign now with this headline in his blog: "Minister leaves government to spend more time with his blog." And, naturally, Blair's letter of acceptance is also posted in the blog.

Thanks to the "other" Tom Watson for the link. He also gives some of the background and comments on his "virtual friend," his British namesake.
No not me. My virtual friend, the Right Honorable Tom, Labour MP for West Bromwich, Birmingham, UK. Tom and I have kept up an occasional correspondence through our blogs, and via email. He's a very cordial fellow, a big music fan, and a family man. In public life, the other TW was a stalwart Blairite, loyal Labour man, and rising star - named only six months ago to Government as Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence. But in those six months, he too decided it was time for Tony Blair's long career as Prime Minister to end - now, and not next spring as Blair had indicated.
This Tom hopes the other Tom continues blogging, and I hope so, too. It seems that blogging is a great way for experienced and knowledgeable public servants to continue to participate in public life by sharing that experience.

Here in Madison, Paul Soglin -- our best mayor in modern times -- continues commenting at Waxing America on local, state and national affairs. Speaking of the latter, he's got some good ideas for the Dems going into the fall elections.
The negative attacks on the misguided war in Iraq have served their purpose for two years. They exposed the weakness, the criminality, and the danger of the Republican position. Now it is time for the Dem's to go positive and submit a platform.

Election strategy designed and orchestrated by the legislators is the worst kind. If you look at the democratic minorities in Congress and in state legislatures all over this country, they are basically the result of legislators, in a defensive mode, fashioning campaigns based on the weakness of Republicans. It is a plan for losers.

America wants politicians who stand for something.
Seems to be true in England as well, as Tony Blair is finding to his dismay.

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