Sunday, September 17, 2006

Site Meter Blogging?

Random screen capture, 9/16/06 Althouse Site Meter: Entry Pages

Would you blog differently if you couldn't look at the Site Meter records? Do you know any bloggers who won't use Site Meter? Not seeing the symbol on the page doesn't mean they don't have it. If you pay for premium service you can opt not to show the symbol. Most bloggers seem to have Site Meter but not to pay for premium service. I think I'm in the smallest category: those who pay for premium service but don't hide the symbol or even block access to the records. I just like seeing the detailed records! What am I looking for? I'm not sure, but I have more to look at.

Some bloggers are proud of having no traffic meter, and others express pride in rarely checking the meter. They seem to think it affects the content of the blog and the whole feeling of being a blogger, and they are probably right. I'm a big meter-checker myself, and I probably started out as the kind of person who would be a meter-checker, but all that meter checking over the years, so closely connected to the daily practice of writing, has got to have had an effect on my mind. If the meter were taken away from me now, what would become of me? -- Ann Althouse, " What would we do without Site Meter?," 9/02/06


Dale said...

If I meter check every day will I go blind? I like my site meter for the searches that cause my site to pop up as one of the hits and to watch the world shrink a little more.

Phil said...

Is the affect it has on your blog a bad thing?

jay lassiter said...

sometimes I obesess about it, although now much lately. once a month, i'll print out my totals just to keep track. mostly i love looking at my clustermap as the red dots apprear making all my visitors.
i love maps, i love attention, i love red dots...
go figure.