Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bowls and more bowls

We're running out of room for all the bowls, but we got a couple more today after the Farmers' Market at Empty Bowls Madison, along with some delicious soup.
Supporters of local food are invited to sip soup and munch bread this weekend to promote the cause of bringing fresh vegetables to poor families.

The seventh annual Empty Bowls Madison event Saturday features handcrafted bowls that donors choose and keep after eating their soup, which this year will include curry vegetable, black bean and tomato bisque.

"What we're about is teaching people to cook with fresh food, nutritious food," said Jessica Lischka, assistant coordinator of the Madison Area Community-Supported Agriculture Coalition, which sponsors the soup-serving.
Anita Clark's WSJ describes how the annual event was saved this year after Lakeside pottery closed, thanks to Cambridge Wood-Fired Pottery, which provided materials and the use of their kiln, and Victor Rojas, 21, an immigrant from Mexico, who threw 80o bowls in about a week and a half.

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