Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cyndi Lauper starts to write a song at the Edgewater before struggling with the Orpheum's acoustics

Cyndi writes in her blog about her first visit to Madison, in 1999:
I was staying at the Edge Water. It’s a famous old place and sometimes musicians would stay there to write.. The Edge Water is right on Lake Mendota. It was around four in the afternoon and the reflection of the sun off the water was so bright through the blinds, that I felt compelled to look out the window. It was an Indian summer day too and I had that sad feeling I get when summer gives herself up to winter again.. When the trees seem to turn into bright flames and then strip down bare.. And when I looked out and saw the ripples of light moving through the water, I just couldn’t help but write something. And I started to write Water’s Edge. It was just a little poem at first… Then I went downstairs as fast as I could before the day was gone. I needed to find Main Street or the main drag.
There's more, about window shopping and performing at the Orpheum. (h/t Isthmus The DailyPage)

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