Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trader Joe's opening in Monroe Commons Friday

As you can see, they're still putting the finishing touches on Madison's Monroe Commons, but the first Trader Joe's in Wisconsin will open for business there Friday morning. What will happen to the Regent Market Coop a few blocks away? What will happen to local liquor stores when consumers flock to the legendary Trader Joe's selection of inexpensive wines? Where will people park on Monroe Street? What about traffic on the already congested street? Stay tuned.


Dr Diablo said...

I can't imagine that the demise of family-owned liquor stores ranks too high on anyone's list of social tragedies. It might be harder for winos to get credit, but this is not a prima facie bad thing.

Comet Star Moon said...

Yikes Dr. D! We love our local liquor stores because they carry 1) the wide selection of Wisconsin wines 2) they carry the insane amount of local microbrews.

Will Trader Joe's carry Lake Louie?

I don't know if you live in Madison, but if not you should come visit our liquor stores. I would say the majority would defy any stereotype you have. Friendly faces, know what they are talking about, well stocked...

Dr Diablo said...

Wisconsin wines, Jesse? That sounds about as exciting as New Jersey lobster or maple syrup from Ohio.

Open-minded consumer that I am, though, I will check out these establishments as soon as I get my license back, or maybe sooner. Are there one or two that you particularly recommend?

Steven A. Stehling said...

Jesse, TJ's really doesn't have any control over whether or not they carry Lake Louie. Tom Porter only distributes to a handful of locations. There are many, many places on the waiting list. The last time I talked to Tom, he wasn't planning on expanding his distribution.

FYI, if you didn't know, Tom Porter is the brewer of Lake Louie. He's a real nice guy. He wants to keep his operation small, so he self distributes. Which is why there are only a handful of places that sell his beers.

TJ's would sell Lake Louie in a second. Just like they sell New Glarus and Wollersheim.