Sunday, October 01, 2006

A warning about the death of freedom from someone who knows what it means to lose it

"We are now officially living in a dictatorship." That's what Coturnix wrote about the passage of the torture/detention bill at his blog A Blog Around the Clock (formerly Science & Politics).
Many of my friends and neighbors have no clue that today USA ceased to be a democracy. They do not realize that Congress and Courts do not have any power to stop Bush from doing whatever he wants. He never cared what they said before and did it anyway. But starting today, it became legal.
It's easy to dismiss this as just more liberal rhetoric. The U.S. a dictatorship? Get real, this is America, etc. But before you laugh too hard, look at what Coturnix has to say about how his native land, the former Yugoslavia, lost its freedom and fell into the chaos of civil war.

But don't get him wrong. He's not giving up.
This post is not defeatist. If it was not clear from the sentence that mentions Canada etc., I am not going anywhere. I did not go through all the trouble of coming here and becoming a citizen just to leave again. I am staying and fighting to the end.
Check out his post and the many links it provides. It's a moving, eloquent tribute to the real American Dream, which is about freedom, not shopping.

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