Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When you see the blinding flash, duck and cover

I grew up as part of the "duck and cover" generation of kids who went through the nuclear civil defense exercises in school. That no doubt influenced my dreams over the years, which often used to be about nuclear war, less so today. -- though with this administration in the White House, that's starting to change again.

Often it would begin like this. The blinding flash. Everything frozen for an instant, like a flash photo, in that split second you would have to take cover and try to protect yourself from flying glass, heat, shock wave -- the whole damn thing. I used to debate whether to stay in the car (what if it became an inferno?) or try to make it to a ditch. Never really worked that out.

Nothing that drastic this time. The fireball is just the same one 93 million miles away that's always been there, just the late afternoon sun flaring in my camera as I stopped for a traffic accident on the highway.

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