Friday, October 06, 2006

Wondering about the Apocalypse and how it's going to play out? There's always the Armageddon Flow Chart.

Are you worried about Apocalypse Now? Is the prospect of the End of Days making you fretful? Do visions of the Four Horsemen gallop through your dreams? You could try to get some answers by watching Jericho, the new CBS drama with the mushroom cloud branding visual. But let's face it -- the show raises more questions than it answers. (Some of them are discussed in the comments at this previous post about the program.)

The Armageddon Flow Chart may not answer all your questions either, but it also doesn't take itself nearly as seriously and serves up some real surprises. For openers, there's the spontaneous combustion of Bruce Willis. (H/T to Teresa at Making Light.)

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