Wednesday, November 22, 2006

According to Sy Hersh, Bush already has all the legal authority he needs to stage an attack against Iran

"It's deja vu all over again," he told Kathleen Dunn on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning, explaining that the 2002 act of Congress that authorized the preemptive strike against Iraq was not limited to Iraq. Whether it's politically acceptable is another matter, but the fact remains that if the stubborn Bush remains convinced he needs to act militarily to keep Iran from getting the bomb, there's little anyone can do to stop him. And possible action by a Democratic Congress to stop such a move is what Cheney talked about using "shorteners" to get around in Hersh's New Yorker story the other day. You can stream Hersh's discussion of Cheney, Iran, the neocons and his article here. Or, if you contribute to WPR and become a member, you can download an MP3 here.

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