Thursday, November 16, 2006

At last, the New York Times gets serious

New York Times / Leslie Lammie

Forget about Iraq, Iran and all the changes in Washington. A major issue is troubling the nation's men, according to Michelle Slatalla in the NYT -- they want better underwear. Men -- or at least Slatalla's husband -- want broxers, underwear that combines the advantages of briefs and boxers, but nobody is selling them. And they're becoming more aggressive in seeking out just the right thing to put between themselves and their pants.
"Five years ago, only 60 percent of men purchased or influenced the purchase of their underwear," Mr. Phelan said. "Now it's 80 percent, and about 17 percent are what we call 'highly involved.'" In the old days, a man got up in the morning, put on underwear -- boxers or briefs -- and never gave it a second thought. But now, men see their underwear as a "situational thing," Mr. Phelan said.
Will the market respond to the "situational thing" and all that pent-up demand? Stay tuned.

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