Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More troops here, more troops there,
and pretty soon you're talking a real war

U.S. soldiers secure the scene following a car bomb explosion in Mosul, northern Iraq, Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006. AP Photo/Mohammed Ibrahim

What election? Who said anything about pulling out? Maliki snubs Bush? Hey, let's send some more troops.
The Pentagon is developing plans to send four more battalions to Iraq early next year, partly to boost security in Baghdad, defense officials said Wednesday. Meanwhile, a commission studying Iraq policy said it would make its report next week.

The extra combat engineer battalions of reserves, likely to be sent to Baghdad, would total about 3,500 troops, officials said. They said the units, coming from around the United States, have already done tours in Iraq but there has been no final decision on which will go.
Yeah, right. That'll work. And if it doesn't, we can dream up something else. More troops, maybe?

Or maybe we should just impeach the guy and put an end to this thing.

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