Saturday, November 25, 2006

Twenty-one red states with Republican Senate seats up for grabs in the 2008 Senate race. Bring it on!

It's a measure of how incredible this year's Democratic Senate win really was, as well as an index of Karl Rove's total ineptitude and the Republicans' general haplessness, that the GOP lost control of the Senate this year. After all, the Democrats were defending 18 seats, compared to only 15 for the Republicans. If ever a party had a safe margin, it was the Republicans this year.

As the map posted at Ezra Klein suggests, things will be different in 2008. The Democrats will have a huge advantage, defending a mere 12 seats to the Republicans' 21. The post also has links to a longer analysis by Kos. The imbalance in the seats up for election held by the two parties may help make the 2008 election one of those historic watershed Democratic elections -- a presidential candidate with coattails can help create a Senate landslide, and strong Senate candidates can help boost the national ticket.

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