Thursday, December 07, 2006

"If You Lived Here, You’d Be Cool by Now."
So where is here?

Photo cropped to obscure location. (Clicking on photographer's link is a spoiler.) Photo: Michael Schmelling

The "You’d Be Cool by Now" thing is the title of Adam Sternbergh's piece in New York Magazine touting the Next New Place, where you may or may not wish to move. But it's worth reading just for the lede, which vividly describes the game of musical neighborhoods that's played in New York and its environs as one neighborhood after another gives way to changing real estate values and coolness factors. It's a nice piece of writing and concludes with this:
As a result, even dug-in New Yorkers suffer from a kind of neighborhood ADD, perpetually suspecting that their dream of New York, whatever that might be, is happening elsewhere—not in another city, but in another borough, another neighborhood, another block. This is driven in part, of course, by money—priced out of Manhattan, you turn to Brooklyn; priced out of Brooklyn, you turn to Queens—but also in part by that anxious feeling you get when you’re attending a great party, but you can’t help hearing that there’s a louder, more raucous party going on down the hall. The reason many people come to New York, after all, is to marvel at its glories and revel in its parade of daily wonders. But to live here now is to endure a gnawing suspicion that somebody, somewhere, is marveling and reveling a little more successfully than you are. That they’re paying less money for a bigger apartment with more-authentic details on a nicer block closer to cuter restaurants and still-uncrowded bars and hipper galleries that host better parties with cooler bands than yours does, in an area that’s simultaneously a portal to the future (tomorrow’s hot neighborhood today!) and a throwback to an untainted past (today’s hot neighborhood yesterday!). And you know what? Someone is. And you know what else?

Right now, that person just might be living in ...
So where is here? (A question we ask often at Letter from Here.) Fill in the ellipses by clicking here.

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