Sunday, December 10, 2006

Making a flying glass reindeer with legs

That's what they were doing at the UW Glass Lab open house when we went there this afternoon. Lisa Koch (orange t-shirt) and Quincy Neri first made the body, then attached legs (bottom photo) and built a base, all out of that hot, semi-liquid primordial substance we call glass. (You can see their highly technical pattern drawing pinned to the wall behind them in the bottom picture if you click to enlarge.) It was a fun event, and we bought a few pieces and wished when we got home we had bought more. But there was a twinge of melancholy intermingled with the enjoyment. One of the things the UW Glass Lab is known for is its neon program, along with the Outdoor Neon and Light Exhibition that was held here every two years since 1988. Except this year. No money. If you miss the Neon Show as much as I miss that magical event, contact the head of the program, Steven Feren, and let him know.

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Nadine said...

Ah yes, the glass lab. That was on our "good intentions" list for the weekend, but there were too many other things competing for a limited amount of time. It's disappointing to realize that a visit to the glass lab might have led to the discovery of your identity, something that's of
great concern
to at least one of my loyal readers.