Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seeing what happened to Atrios, I guess Letter from Here will stick with Alpha Blogger as long as it can

As I write, Atrios is a link to nowhere, and has been for nearly 24 hours. The day's essential read has gone dark and is being held hostage by the former Blogger Beta, now known as the New Blogger. (UPDATE: He's up here now for the time being -- h/t Avedon.) Is Googlesoft turning into the Baghdad Power & Light Company? Does it need a troop surge to fend off the insurgents? Think I'll pass on the new contractor and stick with Alpha Blogger until further notice.

UPDATE 2: Atrios was back at his regular URL at 1:13 EST.
And, for those who love to harsh on blogger, everyone has tech problems. Blogger's free, works most of the time, and though it fails spectacularly and stupidly on occasion, their gnomes usually come through and fix things.
I see his point, but still, will hold onto Alpha Blogger for awhile. Give the gnomes a little time off.

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