Friday, December 01, 2006

Survival of the fittest

So much for cute posts about frost-covered leaves or a light dusting of snow. Now it's the real thing. Now it's about survival of the fittest. On the news this morning they talked about all the accidents, rollovers, and cars in ditches. But I left for work a bit later. The roads weren't any better. In fact, they were worse. But all the bad drivers were gone, their crumpled cars towed away from intersections they had sailed through, brakes locked, or the ditches they had flipped into. Towed away to the prospering auto body shops.

What was left on the roads were (mostly) the painfully slow, overly careful drivers. We crept along at a snail's pace, and because we were driving away from Madison, in a direction opposite to the typical morning commute, we also drove on the relatively unplowed part of the road. With all the drifting snow, it was hard to tell where the road actually was, and every once in a while the right front wheel would plow into a little snowdrift and tug at the steering wheel. Frustrating, but manageable. Still, every now and then a driver ahead of me would tire of driving in this white quicksand and -- apparently saying "the hell with it!" -- would start to drive against traffic on the plowed side of the road on the left, veering back into their own lane when another car or truck approached. I hung way back, fearing a pile-up in front of me, but nothing ever happened.

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