Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Against the Day: Lew Basnight, and some housekeeping details involving labels (tags)

Lew Basnight (aka Lew Archetype?):
Fine with Lew, who wasn't even sure what Anarchists were, exactly, though the word was sure in the air. He was not in the detective business out of political belief. He had just sort of wandered into it, by way of a sin he was supposed once to have committed. As to the specifics of this lapse, well, good luck. Lew couldn't remember what he'd done, or hadn't done, or even when. -- ATD, p. 37
So what was on Dr. Diablo's dread p. 37? Turns out to be a detective with a mysterious noir sense of guilt and amnesia in the White City. How can I stop now?

NOTE: I've finally upgraded LFH to the New Blogger, which includes the increased functionality of adding tags, or what Blogger calls labels, to posts. Now you'll be able to find all my posts relating to Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day (ATD) by clicking on that label. Clicking on the "Books" label should turn up all the Pynchon posts as well as other book-related posts. (This replaces the clumsily metaphorical "Bottle Notes" device referred to in the last ATD post.)

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Dr Diablo said...

The excerpt intensifies the great admiration I already have for his effort of yours. Reading that book must feel like quarrying granite. But, then, if you request a $35.00 hardcover as--what I assume was--your main Christmas present and then announce that you'll be delivering a serial Book Report, what can you do but keep hacking away at that sheer rock face?

Myself, I finished Susan Orlean's cult classic, SATURDAY NIGHT, over the weekend. Her sprightly narrative about the various ways Americans spend Saturday night runs to a mere 260 pages. I tossed the book into my library's book drop on my way to Taco Bell and notched up another book completed in 2007. I recommend Orlean's unique travelogue to anyone needing a break from a more ambitious project.