Friday, January 05, 2007

Childcare in NYC's East Village, circa 1959

From novelist Robert Stone's walking tour of his old haunts in New York's East Village with Charles McGrath in the NYT:
First stop: 13 St. Marks Place. “That’s where we were on New Year’s Eve, 1959,” Mr. Stone said, pointing to an upstairs apartment. “My wife and I and our first child. Of course the neighborhood wasn’t fixed up then: it was really an extension of the Bowery. When my wife or I used to go shopping, we used to have a choice about what to bring upstairs first, the groceries or the kid. I always figured there was more chance of the food being stolen, so I’d give some derelict a dime and ask him to watch the baby.”
The nostalgia trip continues with Michiko Kakutani's linked review of Stone's new memoir, Prime Green.

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