Friday, January 05, 2007

My favorite trashy TV show bites the dust

It's been dying a slow death ever since the second season, but Fox TV finally made it official -- the once-hot "The O.C." will air its last episodee Feb. 22.
The finale "will deliver real closure to the series, to the story we began telling four years ago," series creator Josh Schwartz said in a statement. "It will be fun and emotional and I think really satisfying. It is the finale we always planned to do."
I'm confused. Wasn't this it?
Ryan crawls out, then pulls Marissa from the burning car. Cue tragic indie rock as Ryan carries Marissa's limp body along the road and the car explodes in the background. Marissa has dark red blood on the side of her head, but not enough to seriously impair her blow-out. She blinks prettily, but miraculously doesn't say anything like "I've always loved you," or "Stay sweet," or "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!" Instead, she groans, blinks and dies. Ryan clenches his jaw, but miraculously doesn't bellow "Noooo!" or nuzzle Marissa's bloody face. It's OK, we liked his happy-go-lucky, jewelry-making girlfriend much better than Marissa anyway.
They should never have let those twentysomething kids out of high school. There just was no place for them in the real world.

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