Thursday, January 11, 2007

The undeclared war against Iran?

Is this how it starts?
U.S. troops raided an Iranian consulate in northern Iraq late Wednesday night and detained several people, Iran's main news agency reported today, prompting protests from Tehran just hours after President Bush pledged to crack down on the Islamic Republic's role in Iraqi violence.

Iran released news of the raid through its Islamic Republic News Agency in a dispatch that was broadly critical of Bush's plan to deploy about 21,500 additional troops to Iraq.

The IRNA report said that U.S. forces entered the Iranian consulate in Irbil, in Iraq's Kurdish-dominated north, and seized computers, documents and other items. The report said five staff members were taken into custody.
Isn't attacking a diplomatic mission something that's usually considered, um, an act of war?


renew said...

That's exactly what it is.
Why do you think the defense secretary wants to add 65,000 soldiers to the Army and 27,000 to the Marine Corps? (for details check This sure smells a lot like another war.

Wil Robinson said...

Why is this getting NO attention in the media (the "liberal" media, that is). The scary thing is that no one learned a darn thing from the Iraq fiasco - especially the media, which are supposed to be the "fourth estate" and government watchdogs. Instead they are just buying the B.S. and going along for the ride once again.

I fear the US will find itself mired in another war. What can Americans do? The Democrats don't appear to be too interested in stopping it - they seem to buy into the same rhetoric that Iran is a threat.

In all honesty, what can normal Americans do?