Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The universe sings to her from afar

NYT science writer Natalie Angier writes about -- what? life? time? the universe? -- and turns it up a notch.
We are poised between the extremities and homogeneities of nature, between delirium and ad infinitum, and our andante tempo may be the best, possibly the only pace open to us, or even to life generally. If we assume that whatever other intelligent beings that may be out there, in whatever alpha, beta or zepto barrio of the galaxy they may call home, arose through the gradual tragicomic tinkerings of natural selection, then they may well live lives proportioned much like ours, not too long and not too short. They’re dressed in a good pair of walking boots and taking it a day at a time. And if you listen closely you can hear them singing gibberish that sounds like Auld Lang Syne.
In case you were wondering.

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Dr Diablo said...

In the privacy of my own mind, at irregular intervals, I honor jolting or incomprehensible statements with the 'Say What?' Award. Sometimes it's a remark that has been written or broadcast. At other times, it's a friend or neighbor. On a few occasions, my inherent integrity has compelled me to award it to myself.

I hereby recognize Ms. Angier's bay-at-the-moon paragraph with a 'Say What?' I guess she was trying to express what many of us have felt but were unable to put into words; well, it's still not put into words. I thought maybe you were taking her out of context, but her thoughts are just as baffling in the context of the whole article--although they blend in rather well.

A sidebar to the column invites readers to submit questions about it. I have just one question: Say what?